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Our 4-P System: Planning, Preparation, Performance and Persistence .

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College Counseling | College-WATCH, The College Consultants

Academic performance is no longer the Holy Grail for a top tier college admission. In addition to your test scores and...

College Preparation | College-WATCH, The College Consultants

High school students looking into going to college barely know where to begin and that’s where College-WATCH comes in.

Essay Coaching | College-WATCH, The College Consultants

College applications are more complex now than they ever were in the past. Students, of course, strive to get good grades...

Guiding Students Through The College Admissions Process.

Welcome To College-WATCH

Why Start Now?

As more qualified students apply to college, institutions continue to raise admissions standards. Admissions is no longer a one or two-year process, but a 4-year commitment to planning, allocating resources, dedicating time and taking all the steps needed to successfully prepare a student for admission to college.

As college consultants, our services are custom designed for every student, so he or she can maximize the number of acceptance letters received from universities of their choice. We will guide students through every step of the process until they are ready to start the next big step, college.

Each student has unique strengths, interests, talents and experiences that can differentiate him or her to gain acceptance into the best university possible. Our goal is to teach students how to highlight their traits in a compelling fashion to stand out as a college applicant.

This is why parents and students must start the process early:

• The college admission process is increasingly complex and highly competitive.
• Highly selective colleges evaluate and admit students whose present excellent comprehensive high school careers and create an individual profile that admissions representatives envision and want on their campus.
• The increasing responsibilities and decreasing number of high school counselors leave less time for comprehensive college admission counseling for individual students.
• Most students who earn acceptance to colleges have a support network to assist them throughout high schools and during the admission process.
• Student acceptance relates improve when a comprehensive strategic plan is developed, executed and professionally monitored.

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